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Traditional dentistry and general dentistry focuses primarily on preventing oral disease, diagnosing and treating problems, and oral hygiene in general. Cosmetic dentistry is more focused on improving appearance through straightening and whitening a person's teeth. This is more easily understood in a statement that general dentistry addresses necessary treatments while cosmetic dentistry addresses elective treatments.

One thing that is often overlooked is that cosmetic dentistry also has the ability to provide restorative benefits. What we mean by this is examples like fillings which are common in general dentistry procedure used to treat decayed or rotting teeth. In the past dental fillings or primarily composed of materials that would cause dark spots to be present on the teeth. Today, however many dentists utilize procedures for doing dental fillings that are far more into the cosmetic dentistry field then general do the fact that they're made of porcelain or other composite materials that closely match the natural appearance and color of your teeth. Today, many people are choosing to have their old fillings replaced with the newer versions thus improving their oral appearance.

Due to new technologies and advancement spend the bonding materials that dentists have to work with, dental treatments are far more natural looking and far more durable than they were in the past. Another technological breakthrough is the ability for dentists to use more cosmetic procedures to save more of the original tooth material and structure as possible. Complete smile makeovers and full restorations of teeth are far more able to be completed without being sent to a specialist, thus reducing the invasive nature of the procedure and speeding up recovery time.

Different types of cosmetic dentistry treatments that most people would want to consider are things like the following:

Inlays/Onlays: These are also known as indirect fillings, and they are made from porcelain or other long lasting composite materials as a way to provide a complete filling in a situation which has reduced the tooth to a previously unsalvageable level. Different from traditional fillings which are put into the teeth at the time of the dental visit, onlays and inlays are constructed in the laboratory and are then bonded permanently into place by the dentist.

Composite Bonding: When your teeth are broken, discolored, chipped or decaying, it is possible to have them repaired and their appearance corrected with a new procedure called composite bonding. This procedure involves a specialized material made of enamel and dentin being applied to the cavity and surface of the tooth, where it is then sculpted into shape and then cured with a high intensity light. This procedure results in a total restoration of the tooth, which blends complete invisibility and healthy to the structure to create a perfect match with the surrounding teeth.

Teeth Whitening: Teeth whitening is probably the most popular cosmetic dental procedure in this day and age. Because people's teeth are so often stained through smoking, drinking dark liquids like soda, tea, or red wine, it has of becoming a very popular procedure in order to get whiter teeth. The process involves painting a bleach directly onto the teeth than applying a specialized light to the bleach to accelerate the process. Branded processes like of Zoom! utilize special techniques which allow the whitening to take place in a far shorter time frame than home whitening kits.

Dental Veneers: Dental veneers assist and correcting the appearance of severe tooth discoloration or gaps. Additionally, veneers are sometimes utilized if teeth whitening is not an option. The procedure involves slightly shaving down the enamel on the surface of the tooth then bonding a thin manufactured artificial to surface on top.

Smile Makeovers: A smile makeover usually involves a complete comprehensive assessment of your smile in order to improve the overall appearance. Usually a complete smile makeover will involve a combination of several dental procedures such as implants, teeth whitening, sculpting, or veneers. Usually these procedures will be applied to multiple upper and lower teeth in order to achieve a perfect balanced smile.

Full Restoration: the most comprehensive cosmetic procedure of available is a full mouth reconstruction. This process is essentially a step beyond a smile makeover in that there may be an additional functional problems which need to be accomplished in order to assist in the bite, alignment, or bone structure around the teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry has many different aspects which can assist people in achieving the smile they had always wanted. If there are aspects of your smile that you would like to change feel free to consult Riverside Dental Center to assist you in the process.

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