Bleeding Gums

How can I stop my bleeding gums?

Bleeding Gums Prevention from Riverside Dental Center

In most instances, bleeding gums are a sign of gum disease. When plaque builds up at or under the gum line, the gums become sensitive and begin to bleed. After your teeth are cleaned, your dentist will show you how to properly brush and floss in order to keep plaque from building up. If you do not have this plaque removed, you can develop a hard buildup of tartar. Tartar left at or under the gum line can then lead to a disease known as gingivitis. If gingivitis is left untreated, it can lead to tooth decay, tissue decay, and eventual loss of teeth.

In rare instances, bleeding gums can be a sign of a more serious medical issue, like leukemia. However, there are many other causes of bleeding gums. Sometimes gums bleed as a side effect to certain medications or because you may have a vitamin C or vitamin K deficiency. Pregnant women often complain of bleeding gums due to fluctuating hormones. Gums may also bleed if you have dentures that are improperly fitted or simply because you are flossing too strenuously.

Flossing is necessary for proper oral hygiene, but some people find themselves shying away from flossing due to bleeding gums. Gums may also bleed during brushing, particularly when using a firm toothbrush. If you find yourself with bleeding gums, you should contact your dentist immediately and get a checkup. Call our conveniently located office at 951-353-8454 to make an appointment and see if you can prevent bleeding gums and stop further worsening of your oral condition.

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