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General Dentistry

The staff at Riverside Dental Center are trained and experienced in every facet of general and cosmetic dentistry. This includes Preventative Care, as well as oral cancer screenings, Restorative and Cosmetic dentistry, as well as extractions, root canals, and implants or dentures to replace missing teeth. We want to provide the highest quality of care and we invest in using use up-to-date state of the art equipment, sterilization techniques and materials including digital X-rays. When you visit us at Riverside Dental Center, you can rest assured that you will be treated with excellent service and care. We strive to achieve perfection so that you have a great dental experience.  We strive to do things in house and only refer out when it is in your best interests.

General Dentistry services we provide:

• Porcelain Veneers
• In Office Zoom Teeth Whitening
• Mercury-Free Fillings
• Periodontial Treatment with Laser
• Root Canal Therapy
• Extractions and Implants
• Dentures
• Emergency Dental Treatment

Low Radiation Digital X-Rays

Benefits of Digital X-Rays over film

• Reduced radiation exposure by 90%
• Shorter time to take images
• Instant analysis
• No chemicals needed for processing
• Easy to duplicate
• Emergency Dental Treatment

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