Brushing To Avoid Heart Attack

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Is Brushing Your Teeth a Preventative Measure for Heart Attacks?

While it is common knowledge that routine brushing and flossing of teeth is necessary to maintain a healthy smile and prevent cavities, it is also an important step in combating the onset of heart attacks and strokes.

Researchers have found that not only does regular brushing protect against gum diseases and decay, but also against heart diseases as well. Numerous reliable sources, like the University of Kiel, have discovered that routine maintenance of teeth is correlated with a reduced risk of heart attacks as compared to people that are less hygienic. Those involved in the studies believe that this correlative link indicates a possible connection between the onset of gum disease and an increased likelihood of future heart attacks and strokes.

The knowledge of these findings can help spread awareness of the importance of proper tooth maintenance, so that in the future people will not only have a brighter smile, but will also live long enough to properly show it off.

The dentists at Riverside Dental Center urge you to brush and floss daily, avoid foods and behaviors that potentially increase risks, and see your dentist regularly for a checkup. Your teeth will be healthier and your smile will be brighter. If you can help avoid a heart attack or stroke in the process, it just makes sense.

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