Pediatric Dentistry

Nobody gets excited to visit the dentist, especially kids, but here at Riverside Dental Center, we guarantee to make each experience better than the last for parents and their children. You can have peace of mind knowing that our professional, dedicated team of doctors take the necessary steps to make sure children get the care that they deserve.

After the first exam is completed, the parent of the child will meet with the doctor to talk about the condition of their child’s oral health. If there is any advanced work that needs to be done, the doctor will explain the options. In many cases, the necessary services can be completed the very same day.

The staff at the Riverside Dental Center is skilled in using behavioral management techniques that are effective in creating an enjoyable experience for children and parents. Before beginning any procedure, the doctors carefully explain and illustrate what is going to happen.

If an operative procedure is needed, topical anesthesia will be applied to your child’s teeth and gums to numb them for pain prevention. If extensive treatment is needed, pediatric dental specialists are on hand to provide outpatient hospital care.

At the conclusion of the appointment, the parents will sit down with our coordinators to receive a full description of the completed procedure, after care directions, and prescriptions if necessary. The coordinators will also answer any questions that the parent has.

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