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A popular cosmetic dental procedure known for its safety is teeth whitening. The tooth whitening procedure is extremely effective on teeth that have been discolored. However, darker stains caused by prescriptive medicines such as antibiotics can be more of a challenge to lighten. Results can vary and depend on the patient and the build of the teeth.

An in-office whitening system that will enhance your teeth in just 45 minutes is “The Zoom.” The procedure is easy and starts with a quick preparation that covers the lips and gums and leaves your teeth visible. The dentist uses a prepared whitening gel that was designed specifically for usage with a special light. The light and gel work in tandem to penetrate the patient’s teeth and combat tough stains and discolorations. With the right amount of care, you can enjoy a beautiful smile for many years to come. Come to Riverside Dental Center and talk to us about getting a look you’ll love.

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